Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Time for a walk

Today there is a break in the rain so the beagles and I are going for a walk. I happen to love the rain, but Bailey & Oliver are somewhat less enthusiastic.

I also wanted to show off my little door step halloween decor. I put out some white pumpkins I bought at Ralphs. I just love pumpkins. They are so friendly. I got the small black lanterns from Micheals craft store. They were in the wedding section, but something about them screamed halloween to me. I also put out my deer antlers. I bought these years ago on ebay and am always moving them around. A lot of people think they are creepy (which makes them perfect for halloween), but I think they are beautiful. They are so sculptural.

Months ago I went to armstrong gardens and bought several little plants to put out by the front door. The silverdust is the only one that survived and it is actually flourishing, which amazes me. Nothing I plant ever lasts very long.

Love this tree right outside my front door. It actually has moss hanging from the branches, which brings back fond memories of living in the south.

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