Thursday, October 7, 2010

Before & After - Guest Room

{view as you walk in from the dining room looking towards the front of the house}

{inside the room still looking towards the front of the house}
the door in the background leads to the foyer
notice the chandelier...someone went all out painting that ceiling medallion, yikes!

{inside the room looking towards the closet/door off of dining room}

This second/guest bedroom at 17 Milton is definitely what I would call tiny. The room, like the rest of the house, has a bit of a strange layout. Since there are no hallways, rooms seem to fall into one another. For example, the door to the guest bedroom opens to the dining room and the door to the master opens to the kitchen. Doesn't that seem odd? This tiny bedroom actually has two entrances, one right off the dining room and the other off the foyer. Why a small bedroom needs two entrances - I have no idea.

Aside from the odd layout, you can see the carpet had been torn out when I arrived (to fix a slope in the floor) and the room was currently being used as a work/storage room for odd furniture and tools. It was the perfect before shot because it looked like a disaster. Now for the after...

First the wall were painted off-white. They were a baby blue before which made the room feel juvenile and cold. New neutral carpet was installed. A free mattress from craigslist was picked up. My dad said it looked like the mattress that typhoid mary died on and I have to admit it looked pretty gross. I could have cared less, since it was for show only and once it was covered with bedding no one would know the difference. I made the headboard using plywood, foam, heavy linen and my trusty staple gun. Easiest headboard ever!

The nightstands were two small bathroom cabinets I had purchased from target years ago and no longer needed. They were originally a cherry wood,so I painted them black and added new hardware to give it a new look. I love these antique brass lamps from my grandmother. Topped with some small black shades from target, they were the the perfect scale for the nightstands. A framed painting was hung over the bed.

Aren't these orchids gorgeous? They are from my mothers garden. She is amazing.

I tried to create a little seating nook beside the window next to the closet. And yes this window looks directly into the master bedroom, another awkward layout problem. I placed a small needlepoint bench under the window, hung long white curtain panels from ikea, and placed a pair of decorative sconces on either side of the alcove. It created a really sweet vignette (I wish I had better pictures). I would have preferred a small dresser, but since we didn't have one on hand the bench was a sweet alternative.

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