Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Naples (thats Florida not Italy)

The beaches were beautiful...

caught this birdie in action

the water was clear & warm

the pier


view at the end of the pier

The houses were to die for...

i'll take this house, please

with a walkway right onto the beach

or this house with a watch tower

love this garden gate

can you spot the ceiling fan on the back porch?
i can just picture sitting there with a tall glass of lemonade

even the 7-11 was cute

i have a bit of a crush on the metal roofs
they felt modern yet classic

not so into the sherbet colors though

The Palm Cottage...

a.k.a. the oldest house in Naples

it has a screened in porch to sleep in on balmy nights

and an adorable garden gate into the side yard

The number of palm trees did not disappoint...

they were everywhere

along with lots of these trees

aren't they magical, like something out of a fairy tale?

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