Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Master Bedroom - Before & After

Welcome to 17 Milton's master bedroom! It doesn't exactly feel like a master bedroom, does it? Maybe thats because there isn't a bed?

Ok, so the fact that it didn't have a bed was a big problem, but it wasn't the only problem. Where to start...lets talk about the wall color. While the dark brown walls could have been incredibly chic in the right room, it definitely made this room feel smaller. Of course you don't want a room to feel small when you are trying to sell a house. The room also had a terrible ceiling fixture (which you can see a bit of in the picture below).

The hodge-podge of furniture in the room had to go. And look how sad those curtains are. They are about two feet too short and one panel per window just wasn't cutting it.

The door to the master bedroom is right off of the kitchen. You can see the original bright yellow wall color in the background. This master bedroom wasn't huge, but it had some things going for it. I loved the neutral diamond relief carpet. It had two good sized windows which let in a lot of light, that made the room bright and airy. It also had tall ceilings perfect for a chandelier (i love putting chandeliers in bedrooms).

Here is the after:
{view as you walk in the door}

After removing all the random furniture in the room, I painted the walls a neutral off-white. The room instantly felt larger. I removed the hideous chandelier that was originally there and hung a new chandelier, which I found at a salvage yard. It was a bare bulbed brass fixture when I found it. I wish that I had a before picture, but hopefully you can imagine. Here is a close up of it after.
The white spray paint made a huge difference and some black shades from lamps plus finished off the mini makeover.

Here is a close up of the bed. I used all white bedding. For bedside tables I used some small end tables my mom had around her house. They weren't identical, but had the same scale. Both had previously been painted dark brown, but after years of use they were in need of a makeover. I painted them glossy black. The pineapple lamps are from my house. They were actually walmart lamps which I spray painted white. Some pretty books and small flower arrangements finished off the nightstands. A framed painting was hung above the bed. The short burgundy drapes were replaced with long white panels from ikea.

On the opposite wall we set up a desk/vanity area. The desk is another item pillaged from my parents garage. It actually used to be my brothers when he was little. I bought the federal mirror from the same salvage yard as the chandelier and painted it black. The bamboo chair was from my house (I think this was originally a salvation army purchase). The gorgeous marble lamp was borrowed from my parents living room.

I'm sorry that this close up is so blurry. The orchids really were beautiful (from my mothers yard). A little silver footed bowl, a small shell dish and a jewelry box topped the desk. I would have preferred to put a long dresser on this wall since it had the room, but there was no money in the budget for it and nothing I could take from the rents that wasn't awfully heavy and antique. Since we didn't want to pay for professional movers or run the risk of damaging the piece in the move, I settled for the desk. Not a bad second option.

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