Monday, September 13, 2010

A Lot of Firsts

Not only is this my first day as a blogger (and therefore the first project I am posting), it is also a photo of my first apartment and my first staging job. I actually lived in this lovely house at 17 Milton Street for over a year while attending SFSU. How could I have afforded to rent such a house in San Francisco? The truth is I couldn't. The only reason I got to live here was because it was one of my parents rentals. I was entering my second year of college and after living at home for the first year, I was eager to get my own place. Luckily fortune smiled upon me and the tenant at this sweet glen park cottage announced he was moving out. He had lived there for many years and with lots of dogs, so it was in bad shape. My parents agreed to let me live there while they made improvements. This little house holds so many fond memories for me.

It may have looked like a dump, but it was my first place and I loved it. It was the perfect house for parties. As a fixer upper, I didn't have to worry if someone spilled on the carpet. I'd say "don't worry we are ripping it out next month anyways". And when the hardwood floors were installed the party moved to the unfinished basement also known as club 17. Of course my definition of "GOOD DESIGN" was slightly different back then. There was no dining table in the dining room, since it was mostly used as a dance floor and the lighting in the kitchen consisted of Christmas lights tacked to the walls along with a dos equis XX beer light. That year went buy in a flash and before I knew it the place was ready for a more respectable tenant. It remained a rental for many years before my parents decided to sell it last year. That is when the "good design" side of this story begins since I had the honor of staging it for sale. But that is another tale for another time...

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