Monday, September 20, 2010

Curb Appeal - Before & After

Here she is before in all her glory, looking a little more shabby than chic. It is sort of a funny house to begin with. Rumor has it that years ago the city decided to raise the street level and gave the homeowners the option to either have their home raised or get monetarily compensated. Everyone on the street decided to raise their house, except for the homeowner at 17 milton. They chose the money. It looks sunken because it is.

and here is the after...

Because the house is below street level, it was seriously lacking curb appeal. While the tall solid fence provided privacy it also completely hid the front of the house, making it look even smaller than it was. We couldn't get rid of the fence for privacy and safety reasons, but I was sure we could do better. Lets face it - it couldn't get any worse. It was also expensive to replace the fence entirely so we decided to work with what we had. Half of the boards were removed so that you could see the house behind it. The top of the fence was also cut down to create a stair step effect. The fence, windows and all the trim were painted white. I chose a dark grey for the walls to help make the white trim stand out. The front door was painted a dark navy blue and flanked with some potted urns.

The door leading to the basement also got painted in the same dark navy blue. We replaced the sconce and added some greenery.

Not so shabby anymore.

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